Diabetes care is expensive. Even for those with an excellent insurance plan or the financial resources to cover diabetes testing supplies, proactively managing your diabetes can be a major headache. That is why Cash Now Offer is dedicated to making life a little easier for people with diabetes. We purchase your unused diabetic test strips and provide them at a discount for people who need them. It’s a win-win: you get extra cash for diabetic test strips, and we help people with diabetes who need affordable testing supplies.

Cash Now Offer has been providing cash for diabetic test strips since 2005. We’re proud of our reputation as a leader in the online marketplace for diabetic testing supplies. Join us in making the world a better place for people with diabetes.

Benefits of Selling Test Strips to Cash Now Offer

We offer unparalleled price matching at 112 percent.Cash Now Offer provides the absolute highest prices for your diabetic testing supplies. In the rare case that you find a better offer elsewhere, let us know! We value our customers, which is why we offer price matching at 112 percent of the competing offer. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

We provide a fast, convenient selling process.The process of selling your extra diabetic test supplies could not be easier:

  • Calculate your cash benefit. Our product calculator tool is simple to use. Just enter the supplies you plan to send, and the calculator will tell you how much cash they’re worth.
  • Choose your payment option. We offer same-day PayPal payments (preferred). Alternatively, you can request for a check to be sent in the mail, which takes just a few days.
  • Mail your supplies. Supplies must be unopened, unused and have intact labels. We can send you a postage-paid mailing kit.
  • Get cash! Once your order is received and verified, you get cash! Plus, earn even more if you refer your friends. Both you and your friend will receive $25.

Shipping is free! Choosing to sell diabetic test strips for cash shouldn’t cost you money. With Cash Now Offer, shipping is free! You have several options to receive free shipping: print a prepaid emailed shipping label, request a shipping kit, or ask us to reimburse your postage. Just follow our shipping guidelines to help us reduce costs and keep our staff members safe.

Cash Now Offer Helps You Give Back to the Diabetic Community

Our mission and guiding purpose is to help people with diabetes. Selling diabetic supplies to Cash Now Offer allows you to give back to the diabetic community. Too many people with diabetes do not have the insurance or financial resources to afford diabetic testing supplies. At Cash Now Offer, we believe that everyone should have access to the supplies they need at an affordable cost. That is why we are committed to offering you an industry-leading price for selling your test supplies while donating the supplies we receive or selling them at a substantial discount. Do more for others in the diabetic community by selling diabetic supplies today.

Selling Diabetic Supplies Helps Diabetic Animals

Humans are not the only animals affected by diabetes. Dogs and cats can also develop this condition, which can lead to major health complications. Fortunately, diabetes is just as manageable for dogs as it is for humans. Dogs do, however, need their blood sugar levels to be tested frequently to ensure they do not become hypo- or hyperglycemic. At Cash Now Offer, we donate diabetic testing supplies at cost or offer pet owners an opportunity to purchase discounted supplies to keep their pets healthy.

Want to sell your test strips and reap the above benefits? Contact Cash Now Offer today!