When you have unopened, unused diabetic supplies and don’t know what to do with them, come to Cash Now Offer. We put your products in the hands of people who need them, and you get to make a little extra cash in the process. Our fast and free online selling process is easy, we’ll accept all unused and unopened products, and payment is made the same day we get your shipment. What’s more, we offer some of the best prices in the industry and great communication throughout the selling process — and you get to make a difference. For the patients who don’t have insurance or the money to easily get the diabetic tools they need, your supplies could be a life-saving resource.

Here’s everything you need to know about selling diabetic supplies to us:

How the Process Works

Thanks to our fast selling process, it’s never been simpler to sell diabetic testing supplies online. Let us know you’re interested, send us your products, get cash and we sell or donate them. It’s that easy. Here’s how the free, four-step process works:

  1. Tell Us You’re Interested: Just go to our online calculator to let us know you’re shipping something to us to sell.
  2. Wait for Your Pre-Paid Box: We send you a pre-paid box for your test strips. Send this to us to sell your products.
  3. Get Cash Same Day: The same day we receive your box products, we verify it and send you cash.
  4. Automatically Qualify for Giveaway: As a bonus, with each box you sell, you are automatically entered into our $300 giveaway.

Diabetes Products We Accept

At Cash Now Offer, we take any diabetic test strips — or, more specifically, any diabetic supplies that are still sealed and have at least six months expiration left on them. As long as the test strips are yours (i.e., you purchased them or they were given to you as a gift), we’re interested. We take your shipments and donate or sell diabetic test strips wholesale online.

Why Sell Diabetic Supplies to Us?

There are lots of ways to donate unused test strips online, but donating to us means donating to the company that has been around since 2005. Plus, enjoy all kinds of benefits by selling diabetic supplies to us:

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