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I am very happy with the service and how responsive Jeff is
alan Crone
I saw that Jeff's TrustPilot 5 star rated so I figured I'd give it a try. After all, the strips were just sitting around and they might do someone some good. (Not to mention, get me some cash.) Everything went smoother than I could hope and I had the cash in my account within a day of them receiving the strips.
Mike B
I have had a very pleasant experience with Jeff and his site here. I think the work is sufficient, the money is great and he has personalized all that he does. Thanks for caring and for your generous offers.
Kathryn M.
Hi Jeff, I really happy to know about you. God bless you. I have same feeling for diabetic patients like you. Let me know how can I participate in your charity work. I am in Chicago suburb. Best regards,
As a college student, money is tight. Since I am managing my diabetes better I don’t need to test so often and the money you pay me for my test strips helps with books and other expenses. Thanks!
Edmond Aser

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