Now Offering Free Shipping On All Items Sent To US!

By selling your diabetic supplies to us, you will never have to pay for shipping for your test strips you mail to us. Period. There are a few ways to receive free shipping. You can print our prepaid emailed shipping label, request a shipping kit, or have us reimburse your postage. Please review our shipping guidelines below to help us reduce shipping costs.

Request a Box:

Contact Us to request a box or submit your order on the Sell Your Strips page and at checkout you can choose for us to send you a box that you attach your prepaid shipping label to.

Getting cash for diabetic test strips is easy and free with our mailed shipping kit.

What’s Inside Our Kit? A priority (upgraded) box, a prepaid peel and stick label and detailed instructions. Kits are mailed daily and take 3 to 5 days to reach you. If you choose an emailed label one will be sent to you the same day. Either way, all you need to do is hand to your postal carrier or take to the post office.

Selling your Diabetic Supplies – Shipping Guidelines: We offer free shipping as a convenience to our sellers. Please help us keep our staff safe and keep shipping costs down by reviewing our shipping guidelines. If, however you want to ship yourself – please follow the below guidelines.

Selling Your Diabetic Strips with Free Shipping

Ship yourself:

  • Never ship lancets or needles that are not inside of a sealed box. During shipment lancet caps can fall off and can poke the mail carrier or our staff.
  • Shipping one box is much cheaper than shipping multiple boxes. Please try to fit everything in one box.
  • If your box is really heavy (5 lbs+) please ship through priority mail and we will reimburse your shipping.
  • If you are shipping 1-2 boxes of test strips, please ship through first-class mail and we will reimburse your shipping.
  • Make sure there is identification on or in your package.

About Labels:

When selling diabetic test strips for cash, please leave labels on and intact and cross out any info with magic marker. Removing them yourself almost always causes damage which could make your test strips worth less. We have specialized equipment to remove labels safely on your test strips and lancets. We then shred the labels or can mail them back to you. When you sell your diabetic test strips with labels, please let us know what if you want labels mailed back to you.

Shipping Diabetic Strips