A Message to Our Customers

Dear Loyal Cash Now Offer Customers:

When I established Cash Now Offer, I was a newly diagnosed Type-2 diabetic who was scared and uncertain about my future. I understood that living with a chronic illness would be a challenge. But also: an opportunity. As someone who lost his mother very young to Type 1 diabetes, I’d spent my life looking for ways to help people like her not only manage their condition, but also live a long and happy life in spite of it. I started Cash Now Offer because it was my chance to finally fulfill my dream by turning a negative disease into positive outcomes for those affected by it.

Since then, I’m proud to say that Cash Now Offer has helped thousands of uninsured and underemployed people acquire diabetic care and supplies they otherwise could not afford.

Recently, however, it has come to my attention that for many customers, Cash Now Offer has not been living up to the principles on which it was founded. Many of you have failed to receive what Cash Now Offer has promised to deliver: fast, convenient payments for your unused test strips.

As Cash Now Offer’s founder and former owner, I want to personally offer you an apology. Any recent frustration you have felt with Cash Now Offer is disappointing and unacceptable not only to you, but also to me. My former staff assures me that Cash Now Offer is working hard to make the payments it owes; in the meantime, however, many of you have experienced genuine inconvenience and hardship. And for that, I am sincerely sorry.

My apology is not enough, however. I also owe you an explanation: In spring 2017, I permanently exited Cash Now Offer. Current owner and CEO Jonathan Avila acquired the business at that time and has been at its helm ever since. Although I worked closely with Jon to ensure a smooth and successful leadership transition, it’s clear that there have been growing pains over the last many months as the business adapts to new market conditions and new leadership.

Although I am no longer involved in the business, I want you to know I still care deeply about Cash Now Offer and its customers. It’s important to me that the business I started in order to help people continues to do so in my absence. It is my heartfelt hope and deepest wish that they are able to make those repairs successfully so that my dream and yours can continue to come true.

Thank you for your continued support of Cash Now Offer,

Jeff (Former Owner)

Ps…you can contact the new owner Jon Directly at jon@cashnowoffer.com