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Since 2014 and Rated #1 by repeat sellers – we are committed to providing test strips to those in need. Your test strips will help someone in need – while putting extra cash in your pocket! Thanks for your help. – Jon

Sell Diabetic Testing
Supplies For Cash

Nobody has to tell you about the frustrations of managing diabetes — and for patients without the money or insurance to qualify for diabetic test strips, the problem is even worse. That’s why Cash Now Offer has made it our mission to help diabetic patients. We buy your unused diabetic test strips and then either donate them at cost or sell them online at a discount to people who need them. You earn a little extra money, and people who need less-expensive diabetic supplies have a solution. Offering cash for diabetic test strips since 2005, we’re proud to be the place where you can sell diabetic testing supplies online, in order to help others who are also managing diabetes.

Selling Supplies to Cash Now Offer

Created because there was no other place where people without insurance and money could go to get help to take care of their diabetic needs, Cash Now Offer gives patients a one-stop solution to make it easy to sell diabetic testing supplies for cash. We take the extra, unused test strips that you no longer need and use them to help other patients.

Cash Now Offer is an easy way to make some cash while also helping people in need.

How You Can Get Cash for Diabetic Testing Supplies

We make it simple to sell diabetic testing strips online with our free shipping kit and speedy payment process. Here’s how it works:

  • Tell Us You’re Shipping. Use our online product calculator tool to let us know what you want to ship and sell to us.
  • Mail Us Your Shipment. Feel free to mail us your unopened, unused test strips with their labels intact, or we’ll ship you a pre-paid box to mail them for free.
  • Select Payment. Choose whether you’d rather be paid via PayPal  or through a check.

What’s more, because we value your continued relationship with our company, we’re available by phone seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns. We communicate with you throughout the selling process, so you know when the package was received and processed, and when to expect payment.

Benefits of Selling Extra Diabetic Testing Supplies to Us

Backed by 10 years of experience in the industry, Cash Now Offer is your resource for transforming unused diabetic test strips into extra money. Some of the benefits to expect when working with us include:

  • Fast Selling Process
  • Free Shipping
  • 112% Price Match Promise
  • Flexibility to Sell as Little as One Box
  • Clear Communication throughout the Process
  • A Way to Give Back to the Diabetic Community
Benefits of Selling Extra Diabetic

Are you ready to get cash for your excess diabetic test strips? Let us help.

Sell your strips now!

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